Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing to book your holiday with McCartney Real Estate Torquay, please ensure you read the information below to ensure your stay is enjoyable.

  • All bookings are accepted on the basis that you have read, understood and agree to abide, and be bound, by the following Terms and Conditions.
  • All holiday accommodation properties are Smoke Free, without exception.

Please note: Keys will only be issued once you have read the Terms and Conditions, completed and signed the Bond Form AND paid all accommodation/booking fees prior to your arrival date (unless alternative arrangements have been made with our office).

If you are unable to provide credit card information on the Bond Form, a $500 cash bond will be required before keys can be issued

Office hours:

Monday – Friday  9.00am. – 5.00pm.
Saturday  9.00am. – 4.00pm.

Closed: Good Friday, Christmas Day and New Years Day.

CHECK IN TIME: 3.00 pm
10.00 am


A Deposit of 50% of the total tariff plus a non-refundable Booking Fee of $100.00 is required within 48 hours of booking your accommodation, with the Balance payable no later than fourteen (14) days prior to your arrival date.

Advance Summer Bookings (i.e. all bookings from 19th December – 31st January inclusive) require a Holding Deposit of $600.00 (including $100.00 booking fee) payable upon booking, with the balance of the 50% Deposit due on the 1st June, and final payment due in full by no later than the 1st December.

We accept cash, personal cheques, money orders, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard.


Keys (and remote controls if applicable) are to be collected from our office from 3.00pm on your arrival date unless prior arrangements have been made. If you intend to arrive after hours, then you must make prior arrangements with our office. No responsibility will be taken for late arrivals without prior notice.
All guests are responsible for the safekeeping of accommodation keys/remote controls. A call out fee of $25 is payable if a replacement key is required after hours.

All keys/remote controls are to be returned to our office by no later than 10.00am on your departure date. Late checkouts will be charged at full daily rental without exception.


All monies paid are non-refundable. However, in exceptional circumstances, if you cancel or fail to use your holiday accommodation booking, a refund may be payable at the owner’s discretion OR if the accommodation is able to be re-booked for the same period after an administration fee deduction of $150.00.


Unless otherwise previously agreed with the Agent/Property Owner, all holiday accommodation must only be used for private, residential usage only and to accommodate the number of guests stated on your Booking Confirmation. No functions or parties may be conducted at the property under any circumstances. Exceeding the stated number of guests will result in a termination of your Booking and you being required to vacate the Holiday Accommodation immediately without refund. Charges for additional guests will be debited to your Credit Card without further notice.

Additional caravans, motor vehicles, motorcycles and the erection of tents are strictly prohibited.


All premises are fully self-contained, however linen and personal requisites are not provided. Unless otherwise stated on our website at www.mccartneyholidays.com.au, you will need to bring sheets, pillowcases, doona covers, towels, bathmats, tea towels etc. Whilst some holiday accommodation properties have small quantities of washing powder, detergents, soap and toilet paper, it is expected that you will need to bring supplies depending upon your length of stay.

**FIREWOOD** Unless specifically identified within the online listing, properties featuring wood fires will supply firewood. Kindling & firelighters may need to be supplied by you.


All Holiday Accommodation bookings are accepted on the basis that all holiday occupants will treat the property with the same respect as their own home. Any additional cleaning expenses will be debited to your Credit Card without further notice. All furniture including outdoor is to be positioned in same location as on arrival at the property.



Additional charges or immediate termination may apply in the event of unnecessary or excessive noise nuisance or disturbance caused to neighbouring properties during your occupancy. I/We hereby acknowledge and agree that the Agent has the absolute and sole discretion to cancel my/our occupancy in the event that my/our actions or behaviour compromise the safety and/or quiet enjoyment of neighbouring properties or others. I/We hereby agree that I/we will be fully responsible and liable for payment of all charges incurred, irrespective of such cancellation, together with any financial loss suffered by the Property Owner and/or Agent, to be debited to my credit card without further notice.


Unless specifically stated as being ‘pet friendly’, no pets are allowed either onto the grounds of the Property, nor inside the holiday accommodation under any circumstances. Any pets found in holiday accommodation properties will result in a termination of your booking and additional cleaning charges will be debited to your Credit Card if this occurs. If your holiday accommodation is a designated “Pet Friendly” property, then I/we agree that we will abide by the additional terms and conditions detailed in “Doggie Do’s and Don’ts” attached. The agent is not responsible for the confinement of your pet.


Whilst you are in occupation, you are fully responsible for all breakages and damage caused to the Property, its furniture fittings, or any consequent loss suffered by the Property Owner/Agent. Any such breakages, damage or loss must be reported IMMEDIATELY to the Agent and either replaced to the satisfaction of the Property Owner/Agent, or paid for prior to departure. Failure to comply with this condition will result in a debit of any such costs and expenses to your Credit Card without further notice.


I/We agree to permit all repair and/or service personnel to enter the Property for the purposes of conducting any repair, service or maintenance deemed necessary by the Property Owner/Agent.


Please remember to take your personal property and belongings with you upon your departure as the Property Owner/Agent accept no responsibility whatsoever for any such items left behind.


I/We acknowledge that unless otherwise stated, telephone and internet access is not available to the holiday accommodation.


If the holiday accommodation is currently listed for sale, then I/we agree to permit the Agent to conduct inspections with prospective purchasers upon reasonable notice and at a mutually convenient time.


For urgent after hours assistance, please call number provided on check in information.


I/We hereby acknowledge and agree that the Property Owner and Agent will not be held responsible nor liable for:

  • any injury or loss suffered by the occupants, their invitees or guests whatsoever or howsoever caused whilst I/we are in occupancy of the holiday accommodation due to my/our failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions.
  • any injury or loss suffered by the occupants, their invitees or guests whatsoever or howsoever caused due to negligence on my/our/their part
  • any injury or loss suffered by the occupants, their invitees or guests whatsoever or howsoever caused as a result of insects or wildlife in or around the holiday accommodation site. All occupants are to take specific care at all times within this rural area and requested not to approach any such wildlife under any circumstances.
  • any noise, disturbance or inconvenience caused as a result of renovation/building/road works being carried out in or near the vicinity of the holiday accommodation
  • the standard of any privately owned holiday accommodation furnishings and fittings.
  • It is hereby agreed that the Agent provides holiday accommodation booking services only for and on behalf of the Property Owner. Any property descriptions or advertising materials are to be viewed as a general guide only. The Agent or its representatives will not be held responsible or liable for any deficiency in the holiday accommodation or its furniture/fittings.
  • The Property Owners reserve the right to cancel any holiday accommodation bookings at any time, and in this event, all reasonable endeavours will be used to offer you alternative holiday accommodation but without liability.

Card Saving Terms & Conditions

A Deposit of 50% of the total booking costs will be automatically withdrawn from the nominated Card within 48 hours to secure your stay, with the final balance to be withdrawn 14 days prior to arrival please ensure funds are sufficient.


Credit Card details are held with our Agency 14 Days after guest departure in case of breakages, damages or loss which will then result in a debit of any such costs. Credit Card details are destroyed after 14 days once property has been inspected.